I don’t have the skills to create quality original content, why should I join?

2016-09-01 02:53

Don’t sell yourself short; everyone is good at something. Okay, you don’t write well. That’s fine! Are you a good photographer? Start a blog displaying your photos. Do you know a lot about football? Start a fantasy football blog, giving your best predictions each week and become the expert people seek for advice on their team that week. Maybe you are interested in arts and crafts? Display the work you’ve recently done. Video game connoisseur? Write reviews and tips for your favorite games. Can you make food look beautiful? Start a food blog!

If you honestly cannot think of anything you are good at or interested it, keep it in mind. Something will come to you. Until then, read the posts on Steemit and enjoy the great, fresh content! Even if you don’t like to read content, you will probably benefit from having a Steem wallet because it gives you a fast, cheap and easy way to transfer money around the world without restrictions.

Furthermore, Steemit gives you access to the earliest stage of this new exciting web technology and allows you to participate by doing things you may have already been doing! For example, posting and voting on content around the internet. Steemit is more than blog to earn. It’s social networking. Come and enjoy your time on the internet, let your voice be heard and join others curating a great place for content and networking.

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