If Steem consistently creates new currency, how much am I being diluted by holding STEEM, Steem Power, and Steem Dollars?

2016-09-01 04:01

STEEM - When the curve stabilizes, it will be a 50% dilution on Steem. On an annual basis, there will be 100% increase of Steem in existence. The numbers are higher now because Steem is still in distribution mode.

Steem Power - Steem Power you hold increases at 90% per year, versus the 100% increase in Steem supply, so the dilution of Steem Power is the difference between these two. If you hold Steem Dollars and get zero curation awards, you will be diluted by 10% per year. Once again, the numbers are different now while Steem is in distribution mode.

Steem Dollars - No dilution, rather they gain 10% interest per year. This interest rate could change.

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